Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim BMW M3 GT2 review

This is a video review of the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim BMW M3 GT2 uploaded on youtube by the user mclaren777. This review describes the main characteristics of the steering wheel FANATEC, its strengths and weaknesses.

YouTube video

Exact replica of a BMW M3 GT2 race car steering wheel with identical size and materials. Like in the BMW touring cars, the realistic diameter of 320 mm allows precise maneuvers and smooth driving.The ClubSport wheel is a masterpiece of engineering and designed for maximum performance and reliability.


ClubSport Wheel Base EU Characteristics

  • Choose from a growing selection of very realistic wheel rims in many different styles
  • Quick release system to allow the easy exchange of wheel rims within seconds during gameplay
  • Wheel base made of CNC machined aluminum with anodized finish.
  • DirectSensor™ technology: The sensor is mounted directly on the steering axis to avoid interference and performance issues that are inherent in belt and gear drives that have motor mounted sensor systems
  • Strong and fast dual force feedback motors (120W) plus 2 vibration motors in the wheel rim (depending on the rim)
  • Large silent fan is installed to provide ample cooling
  • Newly designed belt drive mechanism that’s made completely of metal and uses high quality ball bearings and European belts to deliver the smoothest, most precise force feedback possible
  • Mount for static shifter paddles and other optional accessories
  • Possibility to connect telemetry displays to the data port of the wheel
  • Firmware can be updated with new features
  • 900° of rotation which can be reduced in the Tuning menu of the rim
  • Fast 500 Hz USB update rate
  • Connection for two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel.


ClubSport Wheel Rim BMW M3 GT2 Characteristics

  • Replica of a steering wheel as used in BMW touring cars. The realistic diameter of 320 mm allows precise maneuvers and smooth driving
  • Officially licensed by BMW
  • Durable construction fully made of metal
  • Wheel rim made of genuine Italian-made Alcantara®. This material is easy to clean and provides sensational grip
  • 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches
  • Analog joystick to look around in thecockpit or to map with any other axis
  • 7-way Encoder switch to change settings: Turn left; turn right; move left, right, up and down; push(active in Tuning menu and compatible with any PC game)
  • LED bar to show motor RPM
  • LED display to show telemetry functions. Works with several popular PC games like iRacing or rFactor
  • Adjustable and detachable paddle shifters completely made of metal. Adjust angle, distance to rim and travel of the paddles
  • Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay.

Playseat® Evolution and Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim BMW M3 GT2 bundle