New release: first ever official licensed Formula 1® simulators!

As global leader in racing simulators, we are excited to announce the launch of the first ever official licensed Formula 1® simulators: blending the exclusive racing DNA of Formula 1® with the unique Playseat® quality!

We are proud to introduce the first ever Formula 1® official licensed racing simulators. Creating synergy between real life racing and the digital world of racing and making that experience available for everyone has always been one of our most important goals. All our products are developed with input from professional racing drivers and are designed with delicate precision to have it suitable for everyone, all racing games and all platforms. Being the first ever official licensed Formula 1® racing simulators give our Playseat® F1 models the glory they deserve.

Playseat® was the first ever to develop and produce racing simulators that replicate the exact F1 driving position, to experience the real heat of driving an F1 car. These simulators already have their legacy as they helped produce extremely talented F1 drivers, who are still practicing with Playseat® products at home, to memorize new tracks. Since Formula 1® has joined the scene of eSports, it became important to make this experience available to everyone worldwide.

The Playseat® F1 racing chair is a unique piece of engineering. It is extremely comfortable to allow hours of racing and is fully adjustable for drivers of all lengths and all ages. The lightweight and compact construction allows everyone to have a full F1 racing experience at home. Practice the chicanes to perfection, hit the kerbs with raw determination and conquer Pole Position yourself!


Playseat® official licensed Formula 1® simulators

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