Official Licenses

At Playseat® we have official licenses with some of the leading companies in racing and gaming, to make sure we can offer you the best quality possible. These chairs are made for the best experience!


  • Formula 1® license

  • Formula 1®

    Playseat® was the first ever to develop and produce racing simulators that replicate the exact F1 driving position, to experience the real heat of driving an F1 car. These simulators already have their legacy as they helped produce extremely talented F1 drivers, who are still practicing with Playseat® products at home, to memorize new tracks. Since Formula 1® has joined the scene of eSports, it became important to make this experience available to everyone worldwide.


  • Red Bull Racing license

  • Red Bull Racing

    Every race sports fan knows Red Bull. The Red Bull racing team is leading in Formula 1, with their record breaking champion Sebastian Vettel. At Playseat® we have a Formula 1 chair in the official Red Bull colors, which has been tested by the drivers from Red Bull and they acknowledge the unique quality of the race seats.


  • PlayStation® license

  • PlayStation®

    PlayStation® is a recognized global leader on the console market and the collaboration with Playseat® is a perfect fit to provide racing fans with a PlayStation® the most fun and realistic racing experience possible. Our brands strengthen and complement each other, always striving to give all gamers worldwide the best racing experience. For the real PlayStation® racing fans, we have official licensed PlayStation® racing simulators with the recognizable PlayStation® logo and colors!


  • Formula E license

  • Formula E

    The new global electric racing series Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring single-seater cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades, serving as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability. Playseat® is official supplier for the Formula E eRaces, including the million dollar Visa Vegas eRace! For the real fans, we have a Formula E simulator.


  • Top Gear license

  • Top Gear

    You probably all know about Top Gear, because Top Gear is the most widely watched factual television programme in the world! That’s why Playseat® is very happy to collaborate with this very successful television series about motor vehicles and have designed three new chairs. The Top Gear licensed chairs are built with the unique Playseat® quality and specially designed for the almost endless number of Top Gear fans. The product line consists of three chairs, offering chairs for casual racers as well as the more extreme sim racers. In these chairs you will race like The Stig!


Game franchise licenses

Playseat® has the official licenses of several game franchises. This way we make sure we can offer the best quality for racing game fans, worldwide. We have official licensed game chairs for Project CARS, Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, WRC and NASCAR. These chairs are perfect for their respective games and all have unique designs. Professional drivers from different racing categories have tested our seats and acknowledge their unique quality. Playseat® has a chair for every fan of the big(ger) racing game franchises!


  • Project CARS license

  • Project CARS

    Project CARS is a game by racers for racers! Through the power of crowd-funding, gamers were able to join up and help the development team of Slightly Mad Studios breathe life into the original concept, play regular work-in-progress builds of the game, give feedback, and mould the idea of a fresh new racing game into the game that is playable on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.
    The player can create a driver, pick from a variety of motorsports, and shift into high gear to chase a number of Historic Goals and enter the Hall Of Fame. Competitive fully-loaded race weekends, leaderboard-based time challenges and continually-updated community events truly test the skills of online racers.
    Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, and deep tuning & pit stop functionality, Project CARS is truly a racing simulator for the next generation!


  • Forza Motorsport license

  • Forza Motorsport

    Forza Motorsport is a popular and critically acclaimed series of racing video games for Xbox and PC, developed by Turn 10 Studios. Forza seeks to emulate the performance and handling characteristics of a large number of real-life production, modified and racing cars. The series features real world race courses in various track layouts, such as Britain’s Silverstone circuit, Japan’s Suzaka track and Germany’s (in)famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. Since 2005 racing game enthusiasts can enjoy the games of the Forza Motorsport franchise, which has resulted in a vast fanbase!


  • Gran Turismo license

  • Gran Turismo

    Gran Turismo is a popular and critically acclaimed series of racing video games, debuting in 1997! The game is developed by Polyphony Digital, exclusively for PlayStation. The appeal of the Gran Turismo series is due significantly to pristine graphics, a large number of licensed vehicles, attention to vehicle detail, accurate driving physics emulation, and the ability to tune performance. Handling of the vehicles is modeled on real-life driving impressions, tuning is based on principles of physics, and the sound of the vehicle’s engine is based on recordings of the actual vehicles. The game has been a flagship for the PlayStation console’s graphics capabilities, and is often used to demonstrate the system’s potential.
    Over 76 million copies of Gran Turismo have been sold worldwide, making it the highest selling video game franchise under the PlayStation brand!


  • WRC license

  • WRC

    WRC is a racing game series for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, based on the World Rally Championship using official drivers, cars and tracks, for the true fans of WRC racing!