XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

Racing has never felt so real! Hold on tight as you hug corner after corner, skid through the sand, or trade paint with rival cars fighting for position—the wireless wheel simulates all the resistance and force, immersing you in a relentless and unparalleled racing experience. Featuring sleek design and cutting edge technology like dual Rumble motors and powerful Force Feedback, the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is a masterpiece of form and function. [From the Developer]

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel review

It’s the finally here, the XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel that takes gaming to the next stage with its realistic design, features and force feedback which allows you to experience all the bumps and thrills of racing. The main feature of this item is that it supports true wireless connectivity to the XBox 360 console which means less wires and less setup times.

With this in mind, the device does come with a power supply in order for you to experience force feedback and a battery pack in order for the device to work. Interesting enough, the manual does state that you need to have the wheel powered via the AC adapter in order to experience force feedback but when the cable fell out (without my knowledge), I was still experience force feedback.


Game seat frame features

  • Drive with confidence and zero loss of performance knowing that the wheel is powered by the same award winning wireless technology used in the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.
  • High quality Force Feedback performance replicate the yanks and shudders that a race car driver feels while blasting around the oval.
  • Real world automotive design with comfortable and intuitive ergonomics immerses you in the action with a uniquely authentic racing experience.
  • Choose the Lap mount or the Table mount to race the way you want to.

The quality of the wheel is definitely quality from the professional wheel and peddle designs which does give you a real sense of control as you race around the tracks. The wheel itself has a rubber grip in order to prevent the controls from slipping with the standard XBox 360 buttons conveniently located on the main part of the wheel.

The controller also has two shoulder buttons for accelerate and brake. Although the wheel cannot spin 760 degrees, the wheel does give more than enough control while gaming.

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel review

Installation! The wheel comes with a modified version of Project Gotham Racing which contains the drivers for the wheel to be used on the XBox 360. It’s basically, put the disc in and activate the controller. This is where I unfortunately had issues and after thoroughly reading the manual and scouring the internet for a solution, I decided to go back and basically follow the instructions and la and behind, the wheel was configured.

I was not sure how this happened but for some reason even when I followed the instructions the first time, the wheel would not configure on my 360 and the controller light kept flashing. 30 minutes later… I was racing!

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel review

For those that have not used a wheel before or for those who haven’t used one recently, the XBox 360 wireless wheel does take some time getting use to. The wheel is extremely accurate so you will need to adjust your gaming. After a few races, you will soon have your own techniques unconsciously made as you race around the circuits.

The peddle is also extremely realistic and quite firm which will let fly free as you will not be worried about damaging the item with its sturdy design and grip feature to prevent slipping.

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel review

The wheel itself can either be used on the table which comes with a table clamp in order to give more support or conveniently on your lap which allows for more comfort. This is all user dependent.

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel review

The XBox 360 Wireless Wheel supports a wide variety of new and old games which includes the newly released DiRT by Atari and even older games such as Need for Speed Carbon which plays marvelously with the wheel.


Final Thoughts

  • Gameplay 8.8
  • Graphics 8.7
  • Sound 8.6
  • Value 8.8

Playseat® Evolution and XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel bundle